Saint George over the next couple weeks is looking like it is going to be 50 to 60 degrees most days. The weather is mild in the winter and the dry climate makes most days sunny and rain rare.  This makes Saint George an ideal location to hold family events and outdoor recreation in the winter. Not to mention the endless hiking trails, mountain biking rides, and golf courses. 

February weather is mild and comfortable, but spring comes early to Saint George and by March the weather is almost perfect. The days are sunny and warm and the springtime in Saint George in March and April is about the nicest weather you can imagine for enjoying the outdoors. 

As the weather reaches the 70 to 80s in March and April the wildflowers in the desert start to bloom and the combination of the red rock landscape with the white and pink wildflowers is some of the most striking and spectacular scenery you can see in nature. Many families in Utah love to come to Saint George for spring break or spring sports and enjoy the perfect weather and great recreation opportunities in this area. 

The most common places for families to enjoy are Zion National Park, Snow Canyon State Park, and Sand Hollow State Park.  There are countless other hiking and mountain biking trails around the area to explore and the Dixie National Forest and Red Cliff National Conservation Area offer some hidden gems that not many people explore. The late winter and early spring are great times to get out and explore these lesser-known areas. 

With an indoor and outdoor pool, volleyball, basketball, game room, and large lawn areas the River Home has plenty of activities to do in the mornings and evenings when you are not out exploring Saint George!

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