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The summer is a great time to be in Saint George for those families that love water sports or hiking in slot canyons with water. The warm weather and endless water recreation are a great combination in the Saint George area. In this blog we will share some of our favorite water activities around the Saint George area during the warm summer months.

Zion National Park is an amazing natural area for families to explore, hike, and enjoy scenic drives. There is a variety of fun outdoor activities for all ages and abilities. One of our favorite hikes during the hot summer months in the Saint George area is the Subway. The Subway is a gorgeous slot canyon with towering canyon walls and beautiful colors on the sandstone walls. The water in the bottom of the canyon is cold and is great for staying cool when the air temperature is hot during the summer. Make sure you plan ahead and get the proper permit from the National Park Service and also make sure you have the right equipment and clothing.

Red Cliffs National Recreation Area just north of Saint George is also a great area for families to hike, explore, and have a picnic. There are great sandstone formations for children to play on and several short hikes for families with children of all ages. There is a great waterfall hike from the Red Cliffs Campground that takes hikers along a small creek to a waterfall. It is a perfect hike for families during the warm summer months.

Sand Hollow State Park and Quail Creek State Park are amazing reservoirs in the Saint George area for families that enjoy boating and playing at the lake in the summer months. These two reservoirs are just north of Saint George about 20 minutes and are easy to access while in Saint George during the summer. They are great for boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, swimming, and playing in the water.

Swimming pools are popular among families and children in the summer months in Saint George and the Saint George River Home has two swimming pools. Families that stay at the Saint George River Home love to play in the outdoor and indoor pool. The large grass areas and pickle ball court in the backyard are great for families to play lawn games, pickle ball, and other sports while relaxing by the pool and spending time with your family.

We hope to see your family this summer at the Saint George River Home for some summer fun!

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