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Saint George is beautiful in April and May. The weather is mild, and it is a great time of year to enjoy the amazing outdoor recreation in this area. In this blog we will share some of our favorite spring recreation around Saint George.

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world and it is an amazing place to visit and hike any time of year, but spring is our favorite time of year at Zion National Park. The spring snow melt and rain creates magnificent waterfalls and some of the most awesome scenery in the world. Families can take a drive or a hike in Zion National Park in April or May and enjoy these beautiful spring waterfalls and spectacular scenery with much smaller crowds than the summer months.

Snow Canyon State Park is a beautiful state park just outside of Saint George. The perimeter of Snow Canyon State Park has many bike trails that are great for families to ride in the mild spring weather and enjoy the beautiful views of the red rock formations and lava flows. Within the state park there are great hiking trails that families can walk to see the amazing canyons and rock formations in different areas of the park. Hiking also gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the wildlife and watch for desert tortoises.

Red Cliffs National Recreation Area is just north of Saint George and has a number of hiking and mountain biking trails. Families that enjoy exploring red rock canyons and spending time finding desert formations will enjoy this area that has many quiet trails that visitors can explore and find some lesser known formations and desert sand dunes.

Spring is a great time of year to relax and play in Saint George. Families that enjoy exploring the outdoors will find lots of outdoor recreation opportunities. Those families that enjoy relaxing at the park or by the pool will enjoy great weather for relaxing at the park or swimming in the pool.

We hope to see you this spring vacation in Saint George for some outdoor recreation and family fun!

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