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Saint George is starting to warm up and early spring has already begun. The weather on Sunday and Monday was beautiful and warm. There will still be some early spring storms, but the weather in March and April will be very nice and is a wonderful time of year to gather with family and friends in Saint George for some sports and outdoor activities. It is also a great time for athletic events and sports tournaments in Saint George. In this blog we will discuss some of the sports tournaments that occur in Saint George in early spring and some of our favorite outdoor activities during this season.

Beginning in February there are many sports tournaments that take place in Saint George in the early spring. Several soccer tournaments such as the Icebreaker and Rage Tournament take place in February on soccer fields throughout the Saint George valley. There are also several baseball tournaments that occur in Saint George starting in February and going through March and into April.

The Saint George River Home is an amazing vacation rental for families and sports teams that are in Saint George for early spring sports tournaments. With 10 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms there is plenty of room for a sports team and their parents or a few families that are in Saint George for a tournament. The bunk bed room and game room on the third floor have plenty of twin beds for every child on the team and the other rooms have a king or queen bed for the parents and coaches. There are also a few sofa sleepers if your group needs a couple extra beds for children. The yard is amazing for groups with children. There is an indoor and outdoor pool and a large in-ground hot tub. The backyard has a pickle ball court, sand volleyball court, and basketball court. The property also has large lawns for playing sports and yard games.

Families love Saint George any time of year, but early spring and late fall may be the best times of the year to visit Saint George. The early spring weather is mild, and it is almost perfect weather for outdoor recreation and sports. We hope to see you at the Saint George River Home this spring or fall for a sports tournament or family vacation!

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