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Saint George, Utah is a beautiful area with mild winter temperatures and has become one of the favorite recreation spots in Utah for families to escape the snow and cold in the winter. Families that want to gather spend time in Saint George enjoying the sun and warm afternoons while they hike, bike, and play in the amazing recreation areas that Saint George has to offer. Families can find many fun things to do in the city of Saint George and in the surrounding natural areas. In this blog we will share some of our favorite recreation areas and vacation spots around Saint George.

Snow Canyon State Park is one of our favorite areas around Saint George to play and explore. It is a perfect area for families to enjoy time together in the outdoors due to its close proximity to town and many family-friendly hiking and biking trails. Inside Snow Canyon State Park there are great hiking areas for families to explore and play on the rock formations. The Petrified Sand Dunes, White Rock Ampitheatre, and Lava Tubes are all great areas for families with children to play and spend some time in the outdoors having some fun. Biking trails go around and through the state park and it is easy and convenient for families to ride bikes and enjoy the beautiful scenery around the park. Snow Canyon State Park is just a few minute away from the Saint George River Home family vacation rental.

Red Cliffs National Recreation Area is just north of Saint George and is another favorite spot for families to play and enjoy some time outdoors while vacationing in Saint George. Large families that need a place to enjoy the day will find plenty of hiking, biking, historic sites, and picnic areas located within the Red Cliffs National Recreation Area. It is a great area for everyone in the family to enjoy time relaxing and playing in the outdoors. This beautiful area is about 20 minutes from the Saint George River Home family vacation rental.

Zion National Park is one of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. the red rock cliffs and canyons tower above the canyon floor and make for some of the most remarkable and breathtaking views and photographs in the world. In the winter months the snow on the red rocks can be spectacular. The Virgin River carves through the canyon and makes some amazing canyon formations and gorgeous scenery with the blue water, green algae, and red sandstone. Zion National park is about a 45 minute drive from the Saint George River Home family vacation rental.

Families love to gather and play in Saint George every month of the year. We hope to see your family this year at the Saint George River Home for some family time.

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