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Saint George is an amazing place to explore with your family any time of the year. The winter months are an especially great time of year to spend time in the Saint George area due to the mild weather and the small crowds. In this blog we will share some of our favorite winter activities for families to enjoy during their southern Utah vacation.

Zion National Park is just north of Saint George and is one of the most spectacular national parks in the western United States. Families that are spending time in Saint George should spend at least one day hiking and exploring in Zion National Park. Families with young children can enjoy small hikes such as the Emerald Pools and Virgin River walk. Those groups with older children or wanting more of an adventure should spend some time hiking in the Zion Narrows and Angel’s Landing.

Red Cliffs National Recreation Area is also just north of Saint George and is a great area for families to spend some time hiking and bike riding. There are a handful of short hikes for families with small children and a few longer hikes for more adventurous families. Snow Canyon State Park is also a great area for families to enjoy hiking and bike riding. Snow Canyon is just outside of Saint George and is easy to access for families that are staying in Saint George. The Amphitheater, Lava Tubes, and Petrified Sand Dunes are great hikes for families and provide some amazing rock formations for children to play around and enjoy.

In Saint George are more than half a dozen great golf courses for families that enjoy playing golf. There are also dozens of parks and playgrounds for families with small children that enjoy playing at the park or playground. Bike trails weave through and around Saint George and it is a great place for families that enjoy bike riding to enjoy some time on their bike.

We hope to see you this winter in Saint George for some winter recreation and outdoor fun!

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